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Commercial Inspections

Infrared Technology Services has many years experience performing infrared inspections of commercial buildings, including office buildings, medical facilities, retail buildings, and others. A few major benefits include: lower insurance premiums due to reduced fire risk, increased reliability of electrical system, fewer emergency outages, and lower overall maintenance cost. To view a sample report page, click here.

Breaker panels are a critical component in the electrical distribution systems of commercial buildings. Many problems associated with breaker panels can be located with infrared inspections. Overloaded breakers, unbalanced loads and bad connections can be seen with an infrared scanner. The images below show a visible light and infrared image of a breaker panel with a hot connection on the line side of the breaker where the breaker connects to the panel buss. We also detect many hot connections on the load side of the breaker as well as hot neutral connections.


















Breakers and fused and un-fused disconnects are used to control air handlers, pumps, exhaust fans, elevators, and many other types of equipment in commercial buildings. Hot connections in these type disconnects are very common. These are readily detected with infrared thermography. The images below show the visible light and infrared view of a hot breaker connection. In this case the breaker controlled a sub-panel. If this breaker fails power to the entire panel will be lost.



The connection below was in a new building and was detected immediately before the building opened. The crimp or squeeze-on connector on the right main lead was defective. The cable had begun to heat up and the insulation was beginning to melt. Detection of this problem prevented a potential power loss and fire in the building.

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