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Industrial Inspections

In industrial plants, where the electrical system is critical to operation, an infrared scan can prove invaluable. The entire system, including main switchgear, distribution panels, transformers, motor control centers, disconnects, machine control panels and breaker panels can be inspected for hot connections or components quickly and efficiently with infrared thermography. Electric motors and bearings can also be checked for excessive heat, as well as temperature sensitive production processes. We specialize in predictive maintenance of electrical distribution systems and mechanical equipment, and will work with you to develop a program that best fits your needs. To view a sample report page, click here.

Fused and un-fused disconnects are used to control pumps, air compressors, hydraulic pumps, exhaust fans and other types of electric motors. Hot switch blade and lug connections are a common problem detected in these type of disconnects.


















The probable cause of the hot breaker connection shown below is a loose connection that (in most cases) can be repaired quickly and easily.



Motor control centers are used extensively in industrial plants and are critical to the overall operation. In many cases they may control upwards of twenty motors, and each bucket in the MCC contains many connections on the breakers, starters, overloads and control system. The hot terminal block connection below was detected in a chill water pump control panel.

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